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Jenny Fotheringham, Business Administration Apprentice

Jenny Fotheringham 200I was a school leaver in the 'Class of 2014' but I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. 

I thought I'd stay on at sixth form and try A-levels but I didn't feel comfortable with my decision - I wanted to get into the workplace straight away!

Having not much support on what to do was very hard and I was left to my own devices. 

I then discovered apprenticeships and the wide variety of qualifications they provide in all sorts of organisations and businesses  - some you wouldn't even think of! 

After a few weeks of applying (and anxious waiting!) I was offered an interview for a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship at the Great Western Hospital.

I was offered the apprenticeship and began work in September 2014. It was such a relief to realise that I had made the right decision after all.

Being only 16 and going straight into such a large and well known organisation was quite daunting but I'm so happy I did.

I went on and completed my Level 2 apprenticeship which led to me now being permanently employed and working for the Undergraduate Office in the Academy, while completing my Level 3 apprenticeship alongside.

An apprenticeship has provided me with more than a qualification and something to stick on my CV, it has made me more confident as a person and I have learnt so much knowledge and new skills which will be valuable to me throughout my working life.

I would totally recommend apprenticeship, because it is such a great career pathway to take at any age.

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