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Hannah Taylor, Pharmacy Stores and Distribution Manager

Hannah Taylor 200bMy job is to purchase all medicines for the Trust, ensuring they meet quality, safety and efficacy standards and are good value for the NHS.

I do this for both the hospital and a number of our partner organisations, such as Prospect Hospice in Swindon.

I talk to our ward managers to review their drugs stock and I'm responsible for making sure medicines are in stock if there is an outbreak in the community of flu or meningitis.

I also help out in the Dispensary at busy times so drugs can go out to patients on our wards.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I left school and after looking at the NHS Jobs website I thought a career in Pharmacy sounded interesting!

I got a place on a three-year Student Pharmacy Technician course which involved doing both an NVQ and BTEC.

Completing the first year as an Assistant Technical Officer is a great way of finding out if you like working in the Pharmacy and the hospital environment and you can apply from GCSE level A* to C.

Hannah Taylor 200aOnce you've qualified as a Pharmacy Technician there are loads of areas you can specialise in, such as antibiotics, manufacturing chemotherapy drugs, working in medicines information or becoming a Medicines Management Technician, where you help patients to use their own medicines during their stay in hospital.

My skills in project management, which I'd learned in a previous job in an estate agency, have stood me in good stead for my job now, as you need to be a good at communicating and problem-solving.

You don't have to be the most academic person to become a Pharmacy Technician, the biggest attribute you need is a strong eye for detail.

Accuracy is the most important part of the job! 

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