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Our hard working teams do amazing things every day, so it's only right we reward their dedication with a great place to work. 

We want our staff to have a career with us, not just a job and it's the reason why we do all we can to support them to go as far as possible during their time in the NHS. 

Whether it's in-house training, external courses, mentoring or even job swapping, we ensure our teams have all they need to fulfil their aspirations and meet their full potential.

A career in healthcare can be demanding and we know how important it is to have a good work-life balance. 

Our staff get a minimum of 27 days' holiday each year, which increases with length of service, and there are also a range of flexible working opportunities to make your career fit around you. 

Other benefits:

  • Access to the generous NHS pension
  • Use of local and national NHS discounts
  • Onsite nursery at the Great Western Hospital
  • Exclusive early access to the government's 30 hours of free childcare scheme
  • Free staff support services, such as counselling and stress management
  • Discounted annual travel pass with Thamesdown Transport

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