Our 5,000 members of staff and volunteers are so important in ensuring that the developments we are introducing will have positive impacts on those who work here, and those who are cared for here. 

Our staff and volunteers bring skill, knowledge and ideas to the design elements, including the vital clinical models that will shape each of the services, but they will also support by staffing the services once up and running. 

If you work for us, why not get involved?

Opportunities to help shape the healthcare for a generation don’t come around very often.

We currently have a number of working groups set up for each project, which involve clinical and non-clinical staff who all bring their expertise to the table.

They feed directly into the planning process, suggesting areas for improvement and sharing ideas for how we can make things better. 

We are excited to welcome new staff to our organisation over the coming years who will bring additional ambition to our plans.

Further information 

To find out more, please see the Trust website