We are committed to becoming a much more sustainable organisation, and supporting the NHS’ goal to becoming the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service. 

We have committed to reach net zero by 2045, with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction by 2036-39. 

In February 2020, we introduced our Sustainable Development Management plan; an action plan for delivering our sustainability objectives to help improve the environment in which care is delivered for both patients and staff. 

Energy Centre

Construction on a new Energy Centre, that will sit between the hospital site and the new expansion land, is underway. This Energy Centre will power the new Urgent Treatment Centre – electricity, heating and water - through much more sustainable means than we have ever used at Great Western Hospital before.

The Energy Centre will generate thermal energy through air source pumps, which absorb energy from the environment in an efficient manner which will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

The Energy Centre will be ready to open alongside the UTC in summer 2022.