Our current facilities for providing urgent and emergency care are inadequate – they are too small and pressure on space will only increase.

This investment gives us the opportunity to provide urgent and emergency care services which are fit for purpose both now and well into the future, ensuring we can give patients the best possible care when they need it the most.

Our plans will enable us to expand the space available to see patients needing urgent or emergency care and some of our existing emergency medicine services, currently on the third floor of the hospital, on to the ground floor.

This move will also create one entrance for all urgent and emergency care services.

Patients will be assessed at the door and directed to the most appropriate areas for the treatment they require.

This will ensure that staff in our Emergency Department are seeing those patients who really do need emergency treatment whilst ensuring that those who require urgent care are not left waiting for their treatment.

All this means that we will be able to provide an improved level of care and a much better experience of accessing urgent and emergency care at our hospital.