This is a small T shaped device that contains copper, it is inserted into your womb (uterus).  

Copper has a toxic effect on sperm and eggs, this means sperm will not be able to survive and fertilised eggs will not implant into the womb.  

The copper coil is more than 99% effective and can last from five to ten years depending on the type fitted .

Most people with a womb can use a non-hormonal coil.

It may not be suitable for you if you think you might be pregnant, have an untreated STI or pelvic infection, have problems with your womb or cervix, have unexplained bleeding.  

The coil can be inserted at any time of your cycle provided you are not pregnant.

It can also be fitted up to 48 hours after birth or four weeks after birth.

After abortion or miscarriage, it can be fitted straight away.

The copper coil will start working immediately. 

The copper coil is long lasting and there are no hormonal side effects.

It is safe to use when breastfeeding, has no effect on fertility, and is not affected by other medicines.

In some cases, users may experience the following side effects:

  • changes to period
  • headaches
  • acne
  • breast tenderness
  • small cysts forming on the ovaries.

A minor procedure is required for fitting which has small risks of damage to the womb, infection, pain and expulsion/rejection. 

Periods can become heavier, longer or more painful, and there is an increase in risk of ectopic pregnancy if you were to become pregnant during use.