We have created three sets of exercise programmes (low, medium and high intensity), which are suitable for all and can easily be done at home.

Level 1: Sitting Excercises

We all need to move.

The 'Two Minute Stretch' sitting exercises programme is a good place to start if you're feeling particularly stiff and in pain.

Please watch this Two-minute Stretch video:

And download the Two Minute Stretch leaflet to get started.

Level 2: Exercise walkway

Try these medium intensity exercises at home three times a week.

The walkway is designed to improve your balance, muscle flexibility and joint movement.

These exercises should only take 10 minutes at a time.

You will also see these exercises in the corridor outside the Osprey department when you come for your Rheumatology outpatient appointment.

Please download the Exercise Walkway leaflet.

Level 3: Progressive resistence therapy

You may have been referred to the progressive resistance exercise scheme by your rheumatologist.

This is an exercise class designed and run by physiotherapists.

It's part of your treatment and will improve your fitness, muscle tone and strength, and target problem joints in a safe environment.

Lots of patients feel a big improvement in health and fitness after participating in the class.

If you haven't been referred, you can feel the same benefits by trying similar exercises from home three times per week.

Download the Progressive Resistance Exercise Sheet to get going.

More exercises for problem joints

Please download these leaflets:

Further information

For more information, please also see the Arthritis UK website: Exercise and arthritis.