You are in control of your diet.

Choose it with care and moderation.

Remember enough is as good as a feast.

Too much is worse than nothing at all.

Top tips

  • Plan your meals in advance
  • Steer clear of ready meals by cooking food from scratch
  • Foods high in sugar and fat should be eaten in moderation
  • Check food labels to monitor your daily calorie, salt and sugar intake
  • Regulate your portion sizes - man of us eat more than we need at each meal
  • Eat three good meals per day, trying not to snack in between

For more about healthy eating please see the NHS website: The eatwell plate.

Healthy weight calculator

Please see the NHS BMI (body mass indicator) Healthy Weight Calculator.

Healthy eating and arthritis

This booklet is a comprehensive guide to foods and supplements linked to helping improve the effects of arthritis: Health eating and arthritis booklet.