The diabetes specialist dietitians work within the adult diabetes care team at the Great Western Hospital.

The dietitians work jointly with diabetes specialist nurses and consultants in diabetes specialist out-patient clinics. 

Role of the Diabetes Specialist Dietitians 

The diabetes specialist dietitians offer a holistic approach to the care that they provide.

Individuals are encouraged to develop skills to self-manage their diabetes taking into account their individual lifestyle and medications, which the diabetes dietitian can help to facilitate.

The Dietetic Team provides a specialist service to consultant-led clinics including young adult and antenatal clinic.

Consultations may be done on an individual basis or alongside other members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT).

The team is also involved in structured education programmes including: 

  • SNT1D - a group education session for people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes
  • Carbohydrate Awareness Groups - teaching people with type 1 diabetes how to alter their insulin to their lifestyle
  • SWIFT (Swindon's Insulin for Food Treatment)  - aimed at people with type 1 diabetes who want flexibility with diet and lifestyle and wish to develop skills around insulin dose adjustment to food
  • We play a role in the development of resources, local guidelines and protocols and group education programmes. These are continually being updated to ensure all of our advice is evidenced based.
  • The diabetes dietitians have a role in the education of other members of the MDT 


Diabetes dietitians:
Tel: 01793 605149

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