Before you have your baby (prenatal care)

If you are self-isolating at home because you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, we will keep you in isolation during your stay in hospital.

Other members of the household with symptoms should not attend hospital.

A partner can accompany women to all scans.

Both the pregnant woman and their partner will need to have a lateral flow test before entering the scan room - this is a rapid response COVID-19 test and will ensure the continued safety of our patients, visitors and families. 

If you have any questions, please get in contact with your midwife.

The adult visitor must ensure they are wearing a mask at all times.

The details of the visitor will need to be taken at arrival to the appointment.

Our community midwives,  who are based in GP surgeries and Community Hubs, continue to offer antenatal and postnatal appointments and support, and some of this will now be over the telephone.

Yes - you are encouraged to have one or two named birth partners with you for support during labour and birth (please be assured that you do not have to be at a particular stage of labour for your partner to be with you).

This must be the same people throughout.

They should arrive prepared for their time with you, as they will be asked to stay in the Delivery Suite or Birth Centre for the duration.

They should wear comfortable clothing and bring things that they may need or want, such as food, nicotine replacement products, etc.

Your midwife can give you additional information.

If you have a caesarean, one birth partner can stay with you throughout, unless a general anaesthetic is required.

When attending Delivery Suite for any reason other than labour, your birth partners may attend with you, but we may ask them to wait outside of the Delivery Suite until we take you to an individual room to assess you.

This is because, during busy times, we may be unable to support safe social distancing in our waiting room.

All women/birthing people can have one person visit them on Hazel ward between the hours of 9.00am and 9.00pm. This should be one of the birth supporters who was present on Delivery Suite/WHBC and the visitor cannot change. 

In accordance with legislation and government guidance, birth partners must not attend the hospital if they are known to be COVID-19 positive, symptomatic of COVID-19, or if have been asked to self-isolate due to exposure to COVID-19.

It is advisable that women/birthing people who are pregnant have identified an alternative birthing partner (not from their own household), who can attend hospital with them in the event of their chosen partners needing to self-isolate.

As per Government guidance, we would encourage all women, birthing people and their households to undertake twice weekly COVID 19 testing.

For information on how you can order the testing kits, please see the UK Government website: Order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests.

Please speak to your midwife if you need any further information or support.

If your labour is induced, this will begin on Hazel Ward.

If your induction begins outside visiting hours (9.00am-9.00pm), your partner can accompany you.

Once they return home, your birth partners can be called in outside of visiting hours if you start experience discomfort and require support.

In line with Government guidance it is now recommended that all pregnant women/birthing people and support person if experiencing no symptoms carry out a rapid home test for COVID-19 twice a week. 

To enable the NHS to continue to control the spread of the virus, and support visiting in maternity we are asking that you and the person/people who will be supporting you provide evidence of a negative LFT test when you attend your maternity appointment.

You can record your test on the UK Government website: COVID-19 result.

You will then be sent an email or text which you can use as proof of a negative test.

This should be for any appointment for example with a midwife, at a consultant clinic appointment or for an ultrasound scan or twice weekly as a minimum.

If you have not undertaken an LFT test prior to attending you may be asked to undertake a test on arrival.  

For full details of how to obtain tests, please see the UK Government website: Coronavirus rapid lateral flowtests.

If you have a positive LFT test please contact your local maternity unit prior to attending your appointment.

If your support person has a positive LFT test they must not attend the appointment, another support person can attend with you if they have a negative LFT.

Any person who has a positive LFT must follow Government guidance - please see the NHS website: Coronavirus (COVID-19): When to self-isolate and what to do.

Please be reassured that we are here to support you throughout your pregnancy.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact your local maternity unit.

After you have had your baby (postnatal care)

Following the birth of your baby or babies, partners can stay overnight and have open access. Siblings can visit between 9:00am - 9:00pm and all other visitors between 2:00pm - 8:00pm. 

Unfortunately, we can only provide meals for the woman/people giving birth.

Please be aware that if you are admitted to Hazel ward before you give birth, the above visiting restrictions apply.

To reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, we ask that you and your partner maintain social distancing from other women/birthing people and their partners, keep curtains closed if you are in a bay with other women/birthing people, and carry out scrupulous hand hygiene.

We would like you to know that if you are in a bay and another woman/birthing person or their partner test positive for COVID-19, you and your partner will be asked to ensure that you self-isolate for 10 days as per current legislation and government guidance.

We are sorry, but we are currently unable to support visits from children aged 16 years and under.

Please see also Coronavirus (COVID-19): Visitor guidance.

Yes - you can bring snacks and named ready meals, which can be stored in a fridge, and we have a microwave you can use.

Please ensure that your birth partner brings enough food for the duration of labour because it may take longer than you anticipate. 

Unfortunately, we cannot allow takeaways to be delivered to the hospital.