Congratulations on your pregnancy, you will now need to book your first appointment with your Community Midwife.

Appointments to see a midwife can be made at your GP surgery, it is not necessary to be referred via your GP. All of the team wear uniforms and have NHS ID badges.

A team of Community Midwives and Maternity Care Assistants (known as MCAs) administer care to over 4000 women in Swindon during their pregnancy and in the early days when they are at home with their baby.

The Community Midwifery teams are based at all of the GP surgeries in Swindon and surrounding areas.

Diet and wellbeing during pregnancy

Diet and wellbeing is even more important now that you are pregnant, whilst waiting for your first appointment with the midwife, and thereafter you can obtain advice on diet and how to optimise your health in pregnancy on the NHS website: Have a healthy diet in pregnancy (

About your antenatal care

All women will be given a named midwife.

This midwife will risk assess your individual needs at the beginning and throughout pregnancy. Some women may require low risk care and will follow the low risk pathway devised by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

We follow NICE guidance for both low and high risk pregnancies.

At your first appointment (booking appointment) you will be given yellow set of notes which will become your maternity records for this pregnancy.

These notes are a vital record of your pregnancy therefore it is important that you keep these records safe and bring them with you to every antenatal appointment so we are aware of your individual care pathway.

To ensure that subsequent pregnancies are planned appropriately, when you're Community Midwife discharges you to the Health Visitors you will be required to return these records to your Midwife.

If you wish to make a copy please do so prior to the last visit from the midwife.

At your booking appointment your Midwife will discuss the follow details with you:

  • your medical history and any other pregnancies you may have had
  • your general health
  • your family history
  • your ethnic origin
  • what your expectations are for this pregnancy
  • any worries or concerns you may have.

Your midwife will also discuss your antenatal appointments and care with you.

Please see the NHS website: Your antenatal appointments (

Ongoing antenatal care

Some women who are low risk will only see a midwife during the whole of their contact with the maternity services and usually deliver at home or in the Midwife Led Birthing Unit the White Horse Birth Centre (WHBC).

Other women will have complex health or social needs and will need their care to be shared with the Consultant Obstetric team however will still continue to see their Named Midwife in the GP surgery.


You will be offered screening tests in pregnancy.

For more information please speak to your midwife or see the NHS website: Screening tests in pregnancy (

Where to deliver

Place of birth will be discussed with you at booking and reviewed at each antenatal appointment as your pregnancy progresses.

Please see GWH website for a virtual tour of the unit.

Contacting your midwife

Community Midwives are available 8.30am-4.30pm daily by calling Great Western Hospital's main switchboard on 01793 604020 and asking for bleep 1583 or the 'Community bleepholder'.

Outside of these times, in an emergency please ask for the 'Maternity Unit Bleepholder'.

We have a 24 hours on call midwife available for women who request Home Births.

This service also provides support to the Birth Centre and provides emergency cover to the Delivery Suite and WHBC on a regular basis.

More about Community Midwifery

Each midwife works in a geographical team which is divided into zones this allows holiday and sickness cover when required and helps to improve communication and the care we provide.

The Community Midwifery Team work on a regular basis in the low risk birth centre giving them an opportunity to deliver women from their caseload.

The community Team provide free Antenatal classes which are available to all women and are run as question /answer session this workshop is complemented by a web based virtual tour and links to NHS guidance.

This service in response to women's requests and needs is developing.

The majority of postnatal care is given in the home although the teams are developing postnatal clinics at Children's Centres and at GWH during the weekend; this allows families to choose their preferred time of appointment.

In the future the Community Midwifery team plan to develop the service of postnatal clinics in the Children's Centres and GP surgeries with the aid of our new Maternity Medway computer system enabling midwives to give timed appointments.

This is in response to the requests of families using our services.

The Community Midwifery team work in conjunction with other government run agencies.

There are close links with the Family Nurse Partnership and NSPCC Baby Steps Programme.

The midwives also liaise with the Health Visiting team who will continue to care for you when the midwife has discharged you when your baby is 10-14 days old.


Interim Clinical Midwifery Manager - Community Services and Supervisor of Midwives (SOM)

Tel: 01793 604829

Interim Deputy Clinical Midwifery Manager

Tel: 01793 607301