If you experience either of the following:

  • Severe dental and facial pain not controlled by over-the-counter preparations.
  • Acute facial swelling or dental abscess

Specially trained staff will answer your call.  They will ask you some questions, for example your name, address and the reason for your call. Your problem will initially be assessed over the phone.

They will then either:

  • Put you through to a Nurse to give you advice on how to look after yourself
  • Ask you to come in to one of our centres to be treated by one of our team.  

All calls to the out of hours dental service are treated in confidence.

There will be a charge for treatment at the out of hours service.

For more information, please see NHS charging bands

Your local pharmacy may be able to offer advice.

Check notices at your local Pharmacy or look in your local paper to find out which chemists are open outside normal hours.

The NHS 111 website provides 24-hour, confidential healthcare advice and information; or you can call them on 111.

All staff are trained Nurses or healthcare professionals.