The Oral Health Promotion Team is a dedicated team of Dental Care Professionals with qualifications in oral health promotion, health education and teaching.

They provide Oral Health Improvement Programmes throughout Wiltshire and Swindon and are based at Chippenham Dental Access Centre.

Linking with government and local health improvement programmes, the team develops and delivers projects aimed at improving the dental health of the local population and reducing health inequalities.

The team work closely with diverse groups including:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Children's centres
  • Postnatal groups
  • Nurseries and pre-schools
  • Care and residential homes
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Medical staff
  • Skills for life groups
  • Special needs schools and care groups

If you feel the team can offer any support, advice, training sessions, information sessions for your team or the groups you work with please contact the team to discuss.

Further information/contact

Tel: 01249 456 606