An Intensive Care Unit is also sometimes known as a critical care unit or an intensive therapy unit.

There are several reasons why a person may be admitted to the ICU - e.g. following surgery, or after an accident or severe illness.

The unit provides specialist monitoring, a high level of medical expertise and constant access to highly-trained nurses.

Being in an ICU can be a frightening experience both for the patient and friends and family.

All healthcare professionals who work in ICU understand this and aim to help and support both patients and families during their time with us.

Patients will be discharged to an appropriate ward for continuing care when they no longer require intensive or high-dependency care.

Personal belongings

Due to limited space, we are unable to keep large amounts of property.

It is helpful if we can have toiletries, personal photographs and a shaving kit if needed.


Due to the nature of the ward, it is a secure unit.

All visitors to the unit need to use the intercom system on the wall outside to gain access to the unit.

Our staff

Our unit is medically staffed 24 hours a day and a large multidisiplinary team delivers family centered care. 

We have five Consultants who cover the unit for a week at a time.

All our Consultants come from a background in either anaesthesia or respiratory medicine.

We also have seven trainee medical staff who spend up to six months each on the unit, developing their skills in managing critically ill patients.

A Modern Matron, four Senior Sisters/Senior Charge Nurses and eight Sisters lead a large nursing team.

Student Nurses undertake placements on the unit as part of their education and training.

Physiotherapists, Specialist Nurses, Dietitians and Pharmacists form part of the multidisciplinary team and all contribute to the care of our patients on the unit.

Our philosophy

We are guided by codes of practice and strive to provide an excellent standard of care for each patient.

It is our aim to do this by using a sensitive and flexible approach to the individual's needs and wishes.

We focus on giving all patients and visitors the dignity and respect they deserve with staff providing a friendly and courteous service.

Staff working in the Unit actively look for opportunities to improve their knowledge and support and guide one another to provide patients with the best care possible.