The referral will be triaged by nursing staff, to assess whether enough information has been provided.

Because all of the conditions we assess for will impact children in some way in different environments, it is important that information is provided from at least two settings.

Once the referral has been accepted, you will be sent a letter confirming that your child has been put on the waiting list to be seen.

It will include an information leaflet about the process and local support available to you while your child is on the waiting list.

In our team, your child might see a neurodevelopmental paediatrician, a specialist paediatric doctor or other developmental specialist. 

Who they see will depend on their needs and whether they are a new patient or have been seen by us before.

We will do our best to make sure you see the same person again if needed.

You will be sent a questionnaire with your appointment letter to bring on the day of your first visit to the doctor.

The doctor will listen to your concerns.

They will ask you questions about your child's development, medical history and questions about your family history.

The doctor will observe and interact with your child and complete a physical examination in most cases.

A report will be provided to you and your GP about the outcome of the assessment.

In many cases it is necessary to gather more information from you, your child's teacher and the young person themselves (if they are old enough).

In some cases a referral to another professional for different testing will be needed to complete your child's assessment.

Once all of the necessary information has been gathered you will meet the doctor to review the outcome.

Most children we see will not need to have regular follow up with our service and will be discharged back the their GP.