This service, which is provided by EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) Swindon, is based at the Great Western Hospital and provides continuity of education for students unable to attend mainstream schools for medical reasons.

This includes children who are in hospital (inpatients) but also those at home.

It coordinates a tuition service for students with medical needs.

Students are from Reception Class to Year 11.

All students remain on the roll of their mainstream school.

The Children's Unit includes a school room, which can also accommodate pupils in wheelchairs or in beds.

Morning School - Key Stage (KS) 1-4 - for inpatients

This is open to all inpatients on the Children's Unit aged four to 18 years who are in education.

At the start of each morning session, the teachers in the school room visit all the inpatients at their bedsides.

During these visits, they assess the patients' educational needs, and invite them to the schoolroom to participate in the morning's activities.

Alternatively, teaching can take place at the bedside.

Where appropriate, the school room teachers will liaise with the pupil's school to keep them informed.

Pupils participate in a range of curriculum activities and projects.

Alternatively, KS 1-4 coursework and/or curriculum is provided by the mainstream school.

The Tuition Hub - Afternoon School - Key Stage (KS) 3 and 4 - for non-hospitalised pupils

Pupils who are not well enough to attend school due to ill health, attend afternoon lessons in the schoolroom on the Children's Unit, at GWH.

These pupils are well enough to benefit from both group provision and social interaction with their peers.

The afternoon school is staffed by subject-specialist teachers.

Home Tuition - Key Stage (KS) 1-4 - for non-hospitalised pupils

The service also offers a home tuition service for KS 3 and 4 pupils who cannot access mainstream education and are not well enough to attend the Afternoon School.

Pupils are offered two hours each of English, Maths and Science with subject-specialist teachers.

All KS 1 and 2 pupils requiring tuition are offered home tuition with experienced primary teachers.


Tel: 01793 604982