Cardiac physiologists who are specialists in Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) run the devices clinics in which your pacemaker, ICD or ILR (implantable loop recorder) will be checked and followed up.

These are predominantly done 'virtually' through the home monitoring box you will be given when you have a device implanted.

We do see patients at appointments in the department, and if you require one of these appointments then the date and time of this appointment will be specified on your appointment letter.

During the check, whether this is virtually or in the hospital, we will check that the device is working appropriately for you.

Support group

We run an annual ICD Support Group meeting for all ICD patients - please see ICD Support Group.


Devices clinic number
Tel: 01793 604257

You may get the answerphone, in which case please leave:

  • Your name
  • Your hospital number (or another way we can identify you, such as date of birth)
  • Your reason for calling
  • The best contact telephone number to call you back on

Our telephone contact hours are Monday-Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm.

We do not offer an out-of-hours services, so in the case of an emergency please call 999 or attend the Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre.

Further information

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