Wheelchair and Special Seating Service: General FAQ

Can I have a wheelchair from the Swindon Wheelchair Service?

Yes, if you meet the service criteria (if you need any additional information, please contact us).

How do I know if my referral has been received at the Wheelchair Service?

When the referral is received, a letter is automatically sent out to you to inform you.

We aim to screen each referral within five working days of receiving it.

As part of the screening process you will usually receive a phone call from the team asking for more information.

If you are concerned that the referral has not been received, please contact us.

If I do not meet the criteria for wheelchair provision via the NHS, what can I do?

You may want to hire or purchase equipment from the British Red Cross or other local mobility shops in your area.

When hiring/buying a wheelchair make sure that you are measured for it, or you have tried sitting in it, so that you know it is the right size for you.

How long does it take to get a wheelchair from Swindon Wheelchair Service?

We aim to provide your wheelchair within 18 weeks from receipt of referral.

If the equipment required is in stock we may be able to provide it quicker.

For specialist assessments and equipment it can take longer, particularly if the equipment is being ordered from several suppliers.

How will I be assessed for my wheelchair?

Your wheelchair may be issued after your screening phone call, or you may be invited to have a video assessment or a face to face assessment.

Face to face appointments are completed at your home, or at our clinic rooms in Kembrey Park, or at Priory Road Surgery.

A face to face assessment will usually involve an initial interview and a physical assessment of your sitting ability and posture, including body measurements.

Can I have a cushion for my wheelchair?

If you meet the eligibility criteria for a wheelchair, you are eligible for a wheelchair cushion from Swindon Wheelchair Service, whether you are using an NHS wheelchair or your own privately bought wheelchair.

What happens if my condition changes or the wheelchair no longer meets my needs?

You can contact the Wheelchair Service yourself, or your health professional can do so on your behalf.

When you contact us, we will want to know how your condition has changed, and what aspects of your wheelchair/seating are causing difficulty for you.

Following this we will agree a plan with you to address your clinical needs.

Can I have a tray for my wheelchair?

A tray will only be provided if it will support your sitting posture.

We are not able to supply trays to assist with carrying items, or to replace a standard table.

Can I have a headrest for my wheelchair?

A headrest will only be provided if there is a postural need for this support.

Headrests are not provided solely for vehicle transportation, this is yours or the transport agencies responsibility.

Can I have a lightweight wheelchair?

We have a standard range of wheelchairs which we can offer.

The equipment has to be durable and appropriate for your body measurements and weight.

Most of our manual wheelchairs are issued with large self-propelling rear wheels, regardless of whether you are planning to self-propel or not.

This is because it is easier for the person pushing if there are large rear wheels.

Our standard manual wheelchairs can be dismantled, including removing leg rests, armrests, and rear wheels to reduce the weight for lifting in/out of cars.

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