Resuscitation courses

The Resuscitation Service at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is more than just a standard training department.

We provide quality resuscitation services training which is:

  • Delivered by qualified clinical trainers who are expert in their field
  • Tailored to the specific needs of the work place
  • Compliant with internationally recognised standards
  • Aimed at saving lives.

Our aim is to offer a service individually tailored to meet the needs of a variety of organisations and ensure a comprehensive approach to the "Chain of Survival."

We have been providing a service to a number of professional organisations for many years.

These include Primary Care Trusts, Dentists, GPs, Local Authorities, other government organisations and private companies.

We are always willing to look at forming new partnerships, assessing training requirements and delivering planned programmes.

Courses and Programmes

With increasing pressures for organisations to meet clinical governance requirements, along with an increasing awareness of the public regarding the use of life saving procedures, we can provide comprehensive training packages to suit all levels from basic through to advanced, from neonates to adults.

The aim is to ensure that your staff, equipment and processes are in place and are ready to respond to all emergency situations. 

Resuscitation course charges.

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