Our range of clinical courses

The Trust has invested in a purpose-built, multidisciplinary training suite in which a wide range of clinical skills can be taught using realistic, life-like mannequins in simulated clinical situations.

This provides an opportunity for prospective clients to practise their skills in a supportive environment.

Initial training, refresher training or skills updates are all available within the Academy and can be delivered in clinical areas.

Training can be organised individually or on a group basis.

We also offer flexible hours across evenings and weekends to make training opportunities more convenient.

The Academy offers a broad array of clinical skills which are accessible to all disciplines.

Our courses are regularly updated and developed to move with changing research and legislative drivers.

We draw upon the skills of a range of experienced practitioners to deliver the higher standard of information and care related subjects.

We also work in partnership with other educational facilities to enable us to provide access to specialist training with the local area.

Please see Clinical course charges

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