We have 15 theatres at Great Western Hospital of which seven have special ventilation systems for Orthopaedic joint surgery.  We perform around 17,000 operations a year, either as emergency, trauma or planned surgery. Operations are performed for both inpatients and outpatients and we work closely with our Day Surgery Unit to ensure patients get the best possible care during their operation.

After surgery, most patients are taken to a dedicated recovery area that includes four beds for children. 

Our Theatre staff are a skilled, dedicated team with specialist practitioners in General Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology, Ophthalmics, Ears, Nose and Throat, Vascular and Trauma and Orthopaedics and provide high quality care to all our patients.  We have dedicated theatres for Emergency and Trauma surgery which offer a 24 hour service. 

If you are having Day Surgery (ie going home the day of your operation), you will be asked to arrive at 8.00am or at 11.00am on the morning of their operation at the Day Surgery Unit on the 1st floor of Great Western Hospital. 

If you are having Orthopaedic surgery, you may be asked to come to the Theatres Admission Lounge which is located next to main Theatres Reception desk on the 1st floor of the main hospital.  Most patients who are expected to stay in hospital after their operation, will be asked to come to the ward that will care for them either on the day of surgery or beforehand, depending on the type of operation they are having.

A leaflet and/or letter will be sent to you advising you where you should go when the operation is booked.  This will also give instructions about pre-operative fasting and is an important element of preparation for surgery.

Our team

The Operating Theatres Department is headed by a Matron for Theatres and Day Surgery, who is responsible for clinical care, health and safety, quality and improvement and staffing. 

A Deputy General Manager is responsible for non-clinical practices like stock management, service improvement and efficiency.

Each group of operations (collectively known as specialties) are led by Clinical Team Managers, responsible for the nurses working in that specialty and clinical practice.

We also have a small team of administrative staff, who take care of reception, data management, stock control, clinic support and staff administration.

We work closely with colleagues in Anaesthetics, Day Surgery, Intensive Care and the Hospital Decontamination and Sterilisation Unit.

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