What to expect

When you come to the Surgical Assessment unit (SAU), a nurse will take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and some blood tests may be required.

You will then be seen by a surgical doctor, who will discuss your medical history and ask questions about your current condition.

You may also have a physical examination.

Tests and investigations will be undertaken if they are needed, and these will be discussed with you so that you understand what they are for.

If it is agreed that you need to be admitted to hospital as an inpatient then a nurse will undertake a full assessment of your needs including an MRSA swab, a urine sample and a discussion about your usual activities.

You may then be moved to another surgical ward.

At times, the medical staff are required in the operating theatres and so there may be a delay in your assessment; if this is the case we will keep you informed of the situation.


There are clinics every morning (Monday to Friday) for both general surgical, and urological patients who need prompt review by a specialist but who do not require an emergency admission.

These clinics are run by a senior surgeon.

Appointments can be arranged by your GP or the Emergency Department and you will be given a time for the appointment.

At the clinic you may require further investigations or even admission.



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