Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

The Surgical Assessment Unit has temporarily moved to Kingfisher Ward.

This area is now being used as an Emergency Decision Unit.

The SAU assesses patients who have a confirmed or probable surgical condition.

Patients are referred to us via their GP or are admitted via the Emergency Department.

Depending on your clinical condition and care needs, you will either be assessed in the clinic or admitted to another ward.

If you are admitted, it is usual for that to happen on the same day or the day after admission.

If you have been referred by your GP, it's possible you will need to attend an appointment which may be on the same day or the following day.


Great Western Hospital - ground floor (please see Floor plans).

Opening times

Open at all times.

Visiting times

Please contact us.


Tel: 01793 605855 or 01793 605207

For any patient enquiries, please phone after 10.00am so that we can give up-to-date information on a patient's condition.

We ask for one family member to phone and then relay information to other family members.

Further information

Please see What to expect.

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