Sleep, sex, pregnancy and fatigue

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Sleep problems are common, and can impact all aspects of your life and health.

There are often simple things you can do to improve your quality of sleep.

Try the following ideas:

Top tips for sleep 

  • Avoid tea, coffee, coke, chocolate and other products containing caffeine after midday
  • Try not to sleep during the day
  • Relax by reading or listening to music before you go to sleep
  • Get into a routine - sleep and wake at the same time each day

Arthritis UK: Sleep and Arthritis leaflet

AUK Sleep and Arthritis 200
Please see Arthritis Research UK leaflet: Sleep and arthritis

Sleep mind map and hints leaflet

Sleep and Arthritis mindmap 200
Please see Sleep mind map and hints leaflet

Sex and Arthritis 200


Arthritis UK: Sex and Arthritis

Patients are often embarrassed to talk about sexual problems.

These may be related to your underlying disease or medication, or may affect other aspects of your life and relationship.

For advice and more information, visit the Arthritis Research UK website: Sex, relationships and arthritis (

Rememberthat you can talk to your rheumatologist if you are concerned that your condition is impacting your sex life or relationship.

AUK Pregnancy and Arthritis 200


Arthritis UK: Pregnancy and Arthritis leaflet

Please see Arthritis Research UK leaflet: Pregnancy and arthritis

Further reading

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Rheumatology patients often struggle with symptoms of fatigue and tiredness.

It is a common and difficult problem but can often be helped if addressed.

Here are a few helpful tips and links:

Top Tips for Fatigue

  • Re-evaluate your sleeping habits to make sure you are getting a restful, refreshing sleep each night
  • Ensure you are eating good meals three times a day
  • Exercise regularly to boost mood and energy levels
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day

Fatigue and Arthritis mind map and spoon theory leaflet

fatigue self help 200
Please see Fatigue and Arthritis mind map and spoon theory leaflet

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