What to expect

You will be referred to the Renal Unit via a written referral letter from either your GP or Consultant.

When the Renal Unit receives a referral, the Consultant Nephrologist makes the decision whether an appointment is needed or whether general advice can be given to GP or referring Doctor.

If you do need to be seen you will be sent an appointment with time and date. 

Please note that our Department tries to accommodate your preferences but this is not always possible.

If you do not attend for your initial clinic appointment you will be send a second appointment, if this appointment is also missed then you will be discharged back to your referrer.

At the initial appointment the Nephrologist assesses you, discusses your condition and decides on the most appropriate treatment and follow-up if required.

Swindon Renal Unit works closely with other services within the Great Western Hospital such as Oncology, Rheumatology, Diabetes and Cardiology.


All clinics are by appointment only.

Low Clearance Clinic
Mondays from 9am-1pm

This clinic is for patients who have kidney disease which has caused their kidney function to fall to less than 20% below normal.

General Nephrology
Second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 8.45am-12.30pm
Thursdays from 9am-1pm and 1.30pm-5pm
Fridays from 9am-1pm

For patients with specific kidney ailments and those with chronic kidney disease not requiring pre-dialysis support.

Transplant Follow-up Clinic
Second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 2.30pm-5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I see in clinic?
Patients may either see the Consultant Nephrologist  or the Renal Associate Specialist.

How long will it take?
Usually 20-30 minutes for new patients and 10-20 minutes for follow-up patients.

Why have I been referred to this clinic?
Usually your GP or other Consultant has carried out blood tests and the results have indicated some form of renal function discrepancy. This is often in conjunction with other symptoms you may have indicated to your Doctor, who has referred you to a Nephrologist for further investigation and assessment.

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