Podiatry (in the community in Swindon)

Services provided include:

  • Biomechanics assessment for patients with musculoskeletal conditions including:
    • Heel pain
    • Flat feet
    • Shin splints
  • Advice and treatment on corrective insoles
  • Advice and treatment of in-growing toenails
  • Nail surgery
  • Help with high-risk care including for:
    • Poor circulation
    • Lack of sensation
    • Ulceration
  • Specialist ulcer cleaning care
  • Dressings
  • Protective and corrective in-shoe devices to resolve and prevent future ulcerations
  • Help with on-going maintenance of feet 


  • Eldene Health Centre
  • Swindon NHS Health Centre
  • West Swindon Health Centre
  • Westrop Surgery
  • Highworth

Please see Service locations.


Email: gwh.podiatryadmin@nhs.net
Tel: 01793 607860

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