Outpatient physiotherapy - Amputee Group

We accept referrals for anyone who has had a lower limb amputation, regardless of age or ability.


Mondays and Thursdays 10.00am-12.00pm.

What to expect

Once you are well enough to attend the group, the ward will arrange a porter to bring you down in a wheelchair to the Physiotherapy Gym.

The group is run by two physiotherapists who will work with you on your strength, balance and transfers.

If appropriate, you will be given regular opportunities to walk with a temporary artificial limb in preparation for you to receive your own prosthesis.

Once you have received your own prosthesis, we will continue to help you to achieve your goals.

Your own prosthesis

The physiotherapists will work with you to help you to prepare for walking.

When the physiotherapist feels you are ready, he or she will refer you to Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, where you will be assessed for suitability for your own artificial limb.

After discharge from the ward

Once you have been discharged from the ward you can continue to attend the group.

We will arrange hospital transport to collect and bring you to the hospital.


Tel:  01793 605093 or 01793 605094

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