Patient information leaflets

EIDO leaflets

The trust subscribes to EIDO Healthcare which produces a wide range of Patient Information Leaflets.

EIDO leaflets provide patients with information on health conditions and related treatments and operations.

The leaflets have been prepared by healthcare specialists and are fully endorsed by the trust.

They can help you to more fully understand your condition and the treatment options available to you.

Online library and patient forum

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EIDO Healthcare has created an online leaflet library and patient forum which can be accessed at

You can share your experience and learn from the experiences of others, through discussion forums dedicated to hospital patients.

If you have been given an EIDO leaflet by your healthcare professional, you can use the title or leaflet code to access further information and references from this website.

Leaflets produced by the Trust

The trust also produces a wide range of leaflets which are given to patients to support their care and treatment.

We are currently looking at improving the way we develop and review our leaflets to ensure they meet our patients' needs and are kept up-to-date.


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