Health promotion in the workplace

Health promotion facilitates an environment that promotes the health of employees as well as encouraging individuals to take responsibility for improving and maintaining their own health, and how physical and mental health affects a person's ability to carry out their duties at work.

Our lifestyle is a major factor in the likelihood of future disease. By early detection of factors such as high cholesterol, blood pressure and risky lifestyle habits, such as smoking, we can modify our health behaviour and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The aim of a workplace health promotion programme is to create an environment that promotes positive health and well being.

How will it benefit you as an employer?

Many companies are now recognising that developing a healthier workforce through pro-active schemes can positively impact upon both individual and company performance.

Benefits of a workplace programme may include:

  •  Improved productivity.
  •  Reduced sickness absence.
  •  Reduced staff turnover and the retention of valued staff, which means reduced recruitment, training and induction costs.
  •  Increased cohesion and staff morale.
  •  More receptive climate for ability to cope with workplace changes.
  •  A decrease in accidents.
  •  Enhanced business reputation and customer loyalty.  

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