Employment screening

Many companies use some form of medical assessment for potential employees before they start work. Employers want to ensure that they employ people who are fit to carry out the job.

Why carry out a Pre-employment Health Assessment?

  • To identify any health problems that might affect the employee's ability to do the job.
  • To ensure that the work is suitable for the prospective employee
  • To conduct tests in cases where there are special health requirements in the workplace, e.g. lung function test for those exposed to paint fumes.

What it won't do?

  • Predict who will be poor attendees in the future. (This may be highlighted on references, if there have been a high number of short term sicknesses recorded.)
  • Select those employees who will never become sick in the future.
  • Identify a group of people who can do an unreasonable amount of work
  • Decide who is going to be a good employee or a pleasant work colleague.

How should it be carried out?

The Occupational Health Service will need information from the employer before any screening can take place.


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