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'Be Sun Aware When Going Bare'

None of us want to spend the entire summer hiding from the sun.  We all recognise that spending time outdoors is good for you and is part of the way we enjoy the summer holidays, but please be careful not to overdo it. Too much sun can cause a range of problems, and unfortunately one of the more serious problems is skin cancer.

Getting seriously sunburned on just one occasion every two years can increase your risk of getting the most serious type of skin cancer by a factor of three. There are many websites offering advice on how to protect yourself from the sun, some of which can be accessed by the links below.

Useful links

The British Association of Dermatologists 
Professional organisation for dermatology medical staff. This website provides public information on a range of skin disorders.

Macmillan Cancer Support 
Practical, medical and financial support for those affected by cancer.

UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network
Information for both healthcare professionals and patients about clinical trials.

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