Continence Service (in the community in Swindon and Shrivenham)

A specialist bladder and bowel assessment, treatment and management service.  

The Continence Service can offer advice and treatment for men and women with:

  • Bladder problems such as urgently and frequently needing to pass urine and not being able to get to the toilet in time
  • Leaking urine when coughing
  • Repeat urine infections
  • Bowel problems such as constipation or passing loose stools 

The service provides home visits to patients.

Clinics are held every Monday and Wednesday.

What to expect

During the appointment, the clinician will ask about the problems you are experiencing, your general health and medical history, and the medication you are taking.

We may need to examine you, test your urine and scan your bladder to check it is emptying fully.

This helps us to understand what you are coping with, and to find treatments and self-help solutions that will help you manage your bladder and bowel.

For a home visit, and if required in clinic, we often ask family to be present to support you.


Referral to this service is via health professionals such as your GP, or you can refer yourself.


We are based at Moredon Medical Centre; clinics are at Moredon Medical Centre and Eldene Health Centre (please see Service locations).


Swindon Community Services
Continence Service
Savernake Suite
2nd Floor
Moredon Medical Centre

Tel: 01793 696671
Fax: 01793 696682

Opening times

Day Times
Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday and bank holidays Closed

There is an answer machine for messages outside of these hours.


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