Paediatric Diabetes Services

We aim to deliver a quality service to all children/young people and their families with diabetes.  We provide this through designated children's diabetes clinics and continuing support by the Paediatric Diabetes Nurses as part of the Children's Outreach Nursing Service. There are link nurses on the Children's Unit who have a special interest in diabetes.

The team also has access to specialist services in podiatry (foot care) and ophthalmology (eye care).


There are weekly paediatric diabetes clinics on Monday afternoons and alternate Tuesday mornings.  In addition there are pump clinics on either Tuesday mornings or Thursday evenings and you will be expected to attend at three monthly intervals (more frequently if necessary).

Support on diagnosis

It is likely that your child/young person will be admitted to hospital for 24-48 hours (depending on condition at diagnosis), so you can meet the team and learn how to manage diabetes safely before being discharged home.

We aim to provide the opportunity for children/young people with diabetes to be cared for at home as soon as relevant education and competence has been achieved.

Continuing Care

The Paediatric Diabetes Team, in conjunction with the Children's Outreach Nursing Service, aims to offer:

  • Support and advice on insulin adjustment and dietary management at times of illness and poor control;
  • Ongoing education of the child and family, leading to a greater understanding and better overall care;
  • Liaison with other carers and schools involved with the child and family, to ensure continuity of advice.

The Paediatric Diabetes Team aims to provide a 24-hour support service to children and their parents. This is provided by the Children's Outreach Nursing Service from Monday to Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm, and by the Paediatric Registrar/SHO on call (based on The Children's Unit) at all other times. 



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