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Social and Emotional Support

Our CLIC Sargent Social Worker is available to help all members of the family cope with worries and fears and to offer support in dealing with financial, employment and other issues.

CLIC Sargent also offers help with holidays and breaks, and provides free accommodation for families to stay at close to regional oncology units.

For some families, Family Support Workers from the Rainbow Trust can provide flexible practical support in order to reduce the demands of caring for a child with cancer.

If life becomes increasingly difficult and stressful for a family member, we have a Child Psychologist from the Kamrans team providing a clinic at GWH every month.

School Liaison

It is important that education continues despite the disruption caused by illness.

Our hospital teacher and Oncology Lead Sister liaise with schools to ensure they are able to cope with children's educational and medical needs so that return to school is possible

Local support group

CALM (Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Movement)

A local charity for families who have a child with cancer or leukaemia.

CALM offers support in many ways, including:

  • Forums at which to meet other families
  • Social events
  • Holiday homes
  • Welfare grants
  • Financial support to hospital and social work services

For full details please see the CALM website (


Oncology Lead Sister
Tel: 01793 604969

Children's Outreach Nursing Service
Tel: 01793 604969

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