Frequently Asked Questions

I am moving out of the area, how do I arrange my follow up?
If you move out of the area, it will be more convenient for you to be followed up by your local pacemaker clinic. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Let us know of your new address
  • Register with your new GP as quickly as possible, ask them to refer you to your local pacemaker clinic for follow-up
  • The pacemaker clinic will contact us to confirm you have transferred into their care
  • We will forward your information as requested and discharge you from our clinic
  • Please note, to ensure you do not get lost to follow-up, you will continue to receive appointments from our pacing clinic until follow-up arrangements are confirmed elsewhere.

Does the clinic provide domiciliary visits?
The pacemaker clinic does not provide a domiciliary service. If necessary transport can be arranged to get you to clinic, please contact the admin team on the number above to discuss the options available to you.

In addition it may also be possible to perform follow-up remotely as discussed above to reduce the need to attend hospital as frequently. This can be discussed either at your pre-clerking appointment or on the day prior to your procedure.

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