Cardiac Physiology

We are a diagnostic department within the Wiltshire Cardiac Centre at the Great Western Hospital, specialising in Cardiac Physiology - please see About us.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

With the current restrictions and safety precautions in place, some of the tests may not be performed at the Great Western Hospital, but will instead take place at an alternative location such as the Ridgeway Hospital in Wroughton.

Your appointment letter will specify which site you should go to.

If you do need to visit us, please be aware of the special instructions in respect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) - please see:

If you are experiencing serious heart difficulties, please do not hesitate to seek medical attention and call 999 or attend the Urgent Care Centre or Emergency Department.

Patients with symptoms of coronavirus will have been asked by NHS 111 to attend our dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Assessment Unit, which is accessed through a separate entrance.

We recognise that you may have anxieties about coming into hospital during this time, but we would like to reassure you that precautions are in place to keep you safe.

We do not want people to put their lives at greater risk by not seeking help.

Please don't ever hesitate, we are here to help you.

We have some safety precautions in place for when you attend for an appointment.

You will be sent a letter or receive a telephone call informing you of your appointment time.

When you arrive at the department, there will be a sign inside the doors showing you where to wait and where to sit.

One of the team will be with you as soon as possible to ask you some general questions about your health, such as if you have been in contact with anyone showing signs of COVID-19 recently.

They will take your temperature and provide you with further instructions.

Relatives or friends accompanying you may be asked to wait outside the department.  

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