Beech Ward

Beech ward cares for women:

  • Undergoing gynaecological surgery
  • Undergoing breast surgery
  • Experiencing problems in early pregnancy

It is also able to care for women under the care of other specialty teams.


Great Western Hospital - second floor (please see Floor plans).

Visiting times

  • 11.00am-12.00pm
  • 2.00pm-5.00pm
  • 6.00pm-8.00pm

We ask that you restrict visitors to two adults per bed, particularly on the day of surgery.

Visiting outside of normal visiting hours can be arranged at the discretion of the nurse in charge and will be dependent on both the wishes and condition of the patient.

Please remember that children can prove too much when you are feeling unwell; therefore, while children are welcome, we ask that visiting be for short periods and they are supervised at all times.

The ward supports 'protected meal times', and so it is closed to visitors at these times.

Meal times

  • Breakfast: 8.00am
  • Lunch: 12.00pm
  • Supper: 5.30pm

There is a choice of menu for every meal time.

Requests are made 24 hours in advance of the meal.

For your first 24 hours you will be asked what you would like to eat; after this time you will be able to order your meal from individual printed menu cards.

A hot drink is usually served at each mealtime, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening between 8.30am-9.00pm approximately.

Occasionally a hot drink round may have to be omitted due to circumstances beyond our control.

What to expect

We will involve you with an individualised plan of care, giving a comprehensive, honest and clear explanation prior to and throughout any procedures carried out during your stay.

You will have a named nurse responsible for planning your care.


Tel: 01793 605253 or 01793 605254

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