Volunteering opportunities

Volunteer01-300Volunteers help with a wide range of duties in almost every part of the Trust, including:


Unfortunately, we do not have any voluntary administrative roles at the moment. 

Chaplaincy Department volunteer workers

These valuable people maximize the potential of the Chaplaincy Service to approach or respond in personable ways to patients and relatives in hospital.

Chaplaincy works across the whole directory of services that the hospitals provide and enhances the experience of users of the clinical services by being attentive, sensitive and supportive to all people.

All chaplaincy volunteers are part of a team and they are appropriately supervised and prepared for their work with us.

General wards

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    Volunteer Helpers/Patient Befrienders assist staff and patients in various areas (e.g. orthopaedic, medical, surgical and elderly rehabilitation wards) with general non-nursing duties.

    They often serve patients drinks, refresh their water jugs, replenish hand gels and generally keep our patients distracted from the reason they are in hospital.

    Volunteers also help us to make beds and run general errands, as required.
  • Some volunteers also assist patients who have difficulty feeding themselves, or who may need encouragement to do so.

    Those who are assigned to volunteer at meal times will receive additional training and supervision by staff.

Information points

  • Audiology Support Desk
    Volunteers operate this service Monday-Friday, 10.00am-4.00pm.
    It's a place for patients to come and exchange hearing aid batteries, and other hearing aid accessories to save them the need to attend the main Audiology Department.
  • Cancer Services
    We promote an open access approach to the provision of information for people affected by cancer.
  • Eye Clinic
    Volunteers provide support and information to patients with visual impairment.


Volunteers accompany inpatients attending appointments in various outpatient departments.

Maternity Services and birth centres

With similar duties to many services described above, our Maternity Service volunteers offer assistance and support to both expectant and new mothers.

This can be in a ward, birth centre or outpatient clinic environment.

Outpatient departments

Volunteers are needed at varying times to provide support and assistance to staff and patients attending various outpatient clinics (e.g. in the Wren and Osprey Units, Day Therapy Centre, Radiology and Physiotherapy.)

These roles include directing and escorting patients to various areas of the hospital and running errands within the hospital on behalf of the nursing staff.

Volunteers are also required in these areas to help our patients complete 'Patient Experience' questionnaires.

Outpatient Welcome Liaison Service (OWLS)

Our OWLS volunteers are here to support vulnerable people and their carers attending Outpatient appointments within the Great Western Hospital, escorting them to the clinic where their appointment is, and sitting with them in the waiting room.

Further information

For full details please see Outpatient Welcome Liaison Service (OWLS).

Wayfinder Service

Volunteers welcome patients and visitors to the hospital and direct/escort them to their destinations as required, Monday to Friday, 8.00am-4.00pm.


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