Volunteer06-300The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is pleased to have the goodwill of volunteers to help give the best care to our patients, their friends and families.

Our volunteers help to provide the valuable link between our hospitals and the community and often prompt us to see things from a different perspective.

They not only provide help and support for patients and staff but feedback comments and ideas on behalf of the public.

Each volunteer brings something special and unique and collectively build a highly efficient team.

Working as a hospital volunteer can help you learn new skills, find out more about health care, meet new people and contribute to the community.

Volunteers do make a difference every day!

Any time you can devote greatly contributes to the well-being of our patients and help them gain self-esteem and satisfaction through interaction and creativity.

In turn, the contribution you make is greatly appreciated by the Trust. 

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Tel: 01793 605247
Email: gwh.voluntary.services@nhs.net

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