We are seeing extremely high numbers of children attending urgent and emergency care services.

Dr Phil Peacock, Children's Emergency Consultant, has shared some tips on other children's services available in the local area - so that you don't always need to come to hospital:

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Many children are currently attending hospital with respiratory illnesses including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).
If your child has minor symptoms, please make sure you are using the right health care service for their needs.
If you are not sure what to do, in the first instance, contact NHS 111 online. Senior Sister in our Emergency Department, Katie Rix, has some advice on the key symptoms to look out for:

Children's Health Clinic

If your child is unwell with respiratory symptoms and needs urgent care, there is a Children's Health Clinic available in Swindon at weekends.
The clinic will run on Saturdays, and is by appointment only.
If your child is showing symptoms of a respiratory condition, such as a sore throat, temperature or blocked nose, and you want to seek medical advice, please call NHS 111 who might direct you to the Children's Health Clinic.
Similarly, if you attend the Urgent Treatment Centre, you might get redirected to the Children's Health Clinic.

More information

Please visit Children's health - Your Health (bswtogether.org.uk) for more information on how to keep your child well this winter.