Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Swindon Borough Council have come together in a bid to keep local people out of hospital, in a new campaign called ‘Stay well Swindon’.

It is expected that this winter will be the busiest on record yet, and with Great Western Hospitals regularly operating at maximum capacity, the two organisations are highlighting the community support that is available to people right across Swindon.

Environmental and social issues are also having an impact on health, with more people being affected by loneliness, homelessness and cost-of-living. 

Mental health attendances are also increasing year on year at Great Western Hospital, with around 2,500 patients presenting at hospital with mental health in the last year.

To offer support on these social care issues, a number of initiatives have been set up by both organisations which seek to get people help earlier, so they don’t deteriorate and need a stay in hospital.