NICE technically appraised drugs (listed by condition) - S-T

Condition used to treat NICE TA Number Name of Drug Is this treatment available at GWH? Additional information
Schizophrenia TA213 Aripiprazole Yes       
Smoking Cessation TA123 Varenicline Yes        
Soft tissue sarcoma TA185 Trabectedin Yes         
Stroke Prevention TA256 Rivaroxaban Yes          
Stroke and systemic embolism TA275 Apixaban Yes        
Thrombocytopenic purpa TA221 Romiplostim Yes         
Thrombocytopenic purpa TA293 Eltrombopag Yes           
Type 2 Diabetes TA248 Exenatide prolonged release Yes        
Type 2 Diabetes TA203 Liraglutide Yes        
Type 2 Diabetes TA288 Dapagliflozin Yes    

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