NICE technically appraised drugs (listed by condition) - J-L

Condition used to treat NICE TA Number Name of Drug Is this treatment available at GWH? Additional information
Leukaemia TA216 Bendamustine Yes     
Leukaemia TA29 Fludarabine Yes       
Leukaemia TA70 Imatinib Yes        
Leukaemia TA251 Imatinib/Nilotinib Yes        
Leukaemia TA193 Rituximab Yes       
Leukaemia TA174 Rituximab Yes     
Lung Cancer TA258 Erlotinib Yes       
Lung Cancer TA162 Erlotinib Yes      
Lung Cancer TA192 Gefitinib Yes     
Lung Cancer TA184 Oral topotecan Yes       
Lung Cancer TA190 Pemetrexed Yes       
Lung Cancer TA181 Pemetrexed Yes        
Lymphoma TA226 Rituximab Yes        
Lymphoma TA137 Rituximab Yes          
Lymphoma TA306 Pixantrone Yes     

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