NICE technically appraised drugs (listed by condition) - E-G

Condition used to treat NICE TA Number Name of drug Is this treatment available at GWH? Additional information
Eczema TA177 Alitretinoin Yes     
Epilepsy TA232 Retigabine Yes    
Gastric cancer TA191 Capecitabine Yes         
Gastric cancer TA208 Trastuzumab Yes        
Gastrointestinal stomal tumours TA86 Imatinib Yes        
Gastrointestinal stromal tumours TA179 Sunitinib Yes          
Glioma TA121 Carmustine implants, temozolomide Yes         
Growth failure in children TA188 Somatropin Yes          
Growth hormone deficiency TA64 Human growth hormone Yes         

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