3Ts Drugs Formulary: Shared Care Agreements (SCAs)

Many treatments listed on the formulary have to be initiated by a specialist at the hospital; once a patient has been stabilised on a treatment the ongoing prescribing can be done by the patient's GP.

Shared Care Agreements give the hospital prescriber, the GP and the patient the information they need to make sure that the treatment is started and continued safely.

Copies of all the Shared Care Agreements can be found here.

Speciality Treatment name Review date
Cardiology Dronedarone Jan 2018
Dermatology Hydroxychloroquine Sept 2015
Gastroenterology Azathioprine & Mercaptopurine Jun 2019
Gastroenterology Rifaximin in Hepatic Encephalopathy Nov 2019
Haematology Hydroxycarbamide Aug 2020
Mental Health Aripiprazole Nov 2016
Mental Health Dementia Drugs (Wiltshire) Feb 2020
Mental Health Lamotrigine Apr 2018
Mental Health Lithium Lithium Signature May 2018

Mental Health

Methylphenidate in adults

Feb 2016

Substance Misuse Acamprosate - Alcohol Misuse Feb 2016
Substance Misuse Naltrexone -Alcohol misuse Signature Sheet  Oct 2014   

Substance Misuse

Naltrexone - Opioid misuse Signature Sheet 

Oct 2014



Aug 2020

Paediatrics Growth Hormone Nov 2013
Paediatrics Buccal Midazolam - under 10 Jun 2020
Paediatrics Buccal Midazolam - over 10 & adult Jun 2020
Paediatrics ADHD Jun 2018
Orthogeriatrics Denosumab Nov 2016
Rheumatology* Azathioprine Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Ciclosporin Dec 2015
Rheumatology Denosumab Nov 2016
Rheumatology* Gold Therapy Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Hydroxychloroquine  Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Leflunomide  Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Methotrexate Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Mycophenolate Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Penicillamine Dec 2015
Rheumatology* Sulfasalazine Dec 2015

 *These Shared Care Agreements only apply to patients registered with GPs in Wiltshire; Swindon patients are treated by the DAWN Service at the Great Western Hospital.

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