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Hospital charging regulations

The National Health Service (NHS) only provides free hospital treatment for people who live lawfully in the United Kingdom.

People who do not normally live in this country are not automatically entitled to use the NHS free of charge, regardless of their nationality or whether they hold a British Passport or have lived and paid National Insurance contributions and taxes in this country in the past.

All patients admitted to hospital, whatever nationality and residency, are subject to scrutiny and need to provide correct information and evidence of entitlement if requested.

Nationals and Residents of EEA countries can receive free NHS hospital treatment, providing the need for treatment arose during the visit to the UK. They will need to provide a European Health Insurance card (EHIC) or Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC).

Further information

The hospitals charging regulations are managed by the Great Western Hospitals Cashiers Office.

For more information on hospital charging, please contact the Cashiers Office on 01793 604466.




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