Vulnerable patients

Your comments

You said staff needed better training to understand vulnerable patients and more support should be given to those who did not get visitors during their stay in hospital.

Our response

We feel it's essential we understand the needs of our patients and especially the more vulnerable ones. With this in mind we use a This is Me booklet which is aimed at patients with dementia and other conditions which can cause memory or communication problems.

The booklet helps us build a full understanding of the patient's needs, usual likes, dislikes and routines so they can feel comfortable and reassured and we can give them the personal care they need.

We are continually looking at ways to improve our knowledge and understanding of vulnerable patients and are launching a new education programme for nurses in the autumn, focused especially on developing their skills to care for the elderly, including those with dementia.

For patients who need extra help or would just like some company, we have hundreds of volunteers who give their time to help out around the hospital.

They can be there for a chat, give you a steadying hand, run general errands for you and assist at mealtimes. 

The volunteers are here to help and if you would like their support, please talk to a member of staff to organise this for you.  


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