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People said they felt wards were understaffed and staff seemed tired, while others thought a lot of agency staff were being used.

Our response

The Trust began a big international recruitment drive in April 2013 so that staff could spend more time with patients, providing the personal care and attention they strive for.

In the last year, we have invested £1.2m in extra nurses, £600,000 in more midwives and significant funds in recruiting more doctors and consultants.

Since then, more than 300 nurses and more than 200 medical staff have joined the Trust but there is still more work to be done.

Recruiting nurses has been a particular challenge due to a national shortage of qualified and experienced nurses, a problem shared with many other trusts across the UK, and we have been looking further afield to Ireland, Spain and Portugal to help boost the number of staff on our wards.

We will continue to recruit nurses with the qualities we value - kindness, compassion and professionalism - until we have the nurses we need.


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