Your comments

You told us the food you received while you were in hospital did not meet the quality or level of choice you expected.

Comments were also made about the lack of help given to patients who need assistance in eating their food.

Our response

The Trust has been working with facilities provider Carillion on ways we can improve the quality of the food served to you and to give you more choice.

To help with this, a Nutritional Working Group, made up of staff from a variety of roles, has been set up to regularly monitor and test the food served to patients. 

We have good quality modern facilities at the GWH, which are designed to meet the very highest standards of food hygiene.

We continue to work closely with Carillion and The Hospital Company (our Private Finance Initiative provider) to ensure this is maintained.

While working to improve the levels of staffing numbers on the wards we have also been working to ensure the whole nursing team recognises how important mealtimes are.

Our staff are encouraged to 'protect the mealtimes' by stopping unnecessary routine tasks and make themselves available to assist with the mealtime.

We actively encourage relatives to come in and assist patients who need help at mealtimes but for those who don't have visitors, there are hospital volunteers on hand to assist if needed.

Please speak to a nurse, Matron or Ward Manager if you have any concerns or would like their help in organising this for you.


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